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SteriMax Copper Film

Anti-Microbial Copper Films that destroy microbes within minutes! For full details download our brochure.


    Available in rolls with two different sizes plus Non Adhesive or with self Adhesive the Anti-Microbial Copper Film 150mic is easy to apply and maintain.

    SteriMax® Anti-Microbial Copper Film 150mic Non Adhesiv, can be held in place with tape. 400mm x 10m 1220mm x 30m

    SteriMax® Anti-Microbial Copper Film 150mic with Self Adhesive 400mm x 10m 1220mm x 30m

    Suitable for Touch pads/screens, handles, counters, kiosks, school desks, doors anything we touch in a public space.

    Copper vs Microbes

    Plain copper has anti-microbial properties, and this isn't a recent discovery by any means. In fact, the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and others used it to carry and store water because they could tell just by observation that copper kept the water free from spoilage.However, with modern technologies, scientists have now discovered far more uses for copper than the ancient Egyptians ever would have dreamt of!

    When copper oxidises, it binds copper atoms to oxygen atoms, which constantly exchange electrons to stabilise. This disrupts organisms at a microscopic level and kills off microorganisms that cause illness and disease. It pulls electrons out of its cell wall lipids, oxygen or proteins. This weakens the cell wall enough to cause it to break, which eventually kills the bacteria. Oxidising copper releases highly reactive atoms of oxygen hydroxide which are trying to steal electrons from surrounding molecules to be stable. However, while it's doing this, it sets off a destructive chain reaction which ruptures the cells membrane and ultimately kills the bacteria. With it's cell walls broken, the bacteria attempts to adapt to its surroundings, and copper ions flood into the cell. Copper is quickly toxic to the inside of the cell, damaging its energy production and DNAmaking parts. This prevents the bacteria from replicating.

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