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Ear Protector

Produced and designed to take the strain off the ears on long shifts.


    Printed in house on our 3D Printers, The Ear protectors have been designed to take the strain off the back of your ears especially for staff that have to wear masks for long shifts at a time.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: Are these Ear Protectors acceptable for use in a medical setting? Can healthcare professionals use them as protection against COVID-19?
    A: These Ear Protectors are designed for personal use in non-medical settings. While they may provide some benefit to health care providers and the general public, they are not personal protective equipment (PPE). These Ear Protectors are not intended for any use related to: antimicrobial or antiviral protection, infection prevention or reduction or radiation protection.

    Q: Am I able to re-use this Ear Protector?
    A: We recommend using this Ear Protector more than once. After use clean in warm soapy water or if there is any contamination, please discard.

    Q: Do your Ear Protectors come in custom sizes or colours?
    A: No. We currently only offer one size and one colour (black plastic).

    Q: Can I donate Ear Protectors to my local hospital or medical care facility?
    A: If you are interested in donating these Ear Protectors, we recommend you first contact the hospital or facility to see whether they are accepting donations – and if so, what kind of Ear Protectors they will accept. Please keep in mind that these Ear Protectors are intended for personal use and are not personal protective equipment (PPE) products.