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Knitted Polyester flags

The standard knitted polyester flag material for custom sizes

Material Overview

  • Industry standard 117gsm knitted polyester
  • Lightweight and durable
  • High-quality full-colour print
  • Printed in-house with dye-sublimation process
  • 80-90% show-through on the reverse
  • Finished with industrial sewing machines
  • Approx maximum finished flag width: 3000mm (depending on chosen finish)
  • Roll width: 3200mm

Each banner is printed and finished to your requirements.

Our flag material is chosen for its durability and image vibrancy.

Flags are printed via a process of dye-sublimation which uses special inks and undergoes a post-print heating process to fix the ink into the fabric. This makes it both scuff-resistant and washabl

Flag Sizes
Yard Size
1/2 Yard
45cm x 23cm
3/4 Yard
68cm x 34cm
1 Yard
91cm x 45cm
1 & 1/4 Yard
114cm x 56cm
1 & 1/2 Yard
137cm x 68cm
2 Yard
183cm x 91cm
6' x 4'
183cm x 122cm
2 & 1/2 Yard
229cm x 114cm
3 yard
274cm x 137cm
4 Yard
365cm x 183cm
5 Yard
458cm x 228cm
6 Yard
548cm x 274cm

Uses for Knitted Polyester

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Flags and flag products
Knitted Polyester Material Image
Material in use

Finishes for Knitted Polyester flags

  • Image description

    Stitched Hems & Eyelets

    Graphics will be given a stitched hem, then eyeletted at equal distributions along the hem. Eyelets are clear plastic.

    The standard distribution of eyelets is one per metre. If you require a different distribution or specific placement of eyelets, that is no problem at all - simply let us know what you need when you place your order.

    There is no charge for this finish.

  • Image description

    Stitched Hems Only

    Graphics will be given a stitched hem.

    There is no charge for this finish.

  • Image description

    Stitched Hems with Velcro

    Graphics will be stitched to a strip of either hook or loop edging. Please specify which is required when ordering.

    A variety of widths are available - please contact us to discuss your requirements.

    Black or white strips are available. Our sewists will choose the most appropraite colour to complement your graphic, unless specifically requested.

    There is an additional charge for this finish.

  • Image description

    Pole Pocket(s)

    A pocket is added to the edges you require to allow a pole to pass through and support/tension the banner.

    The diameter of the pocket can be specified by you, however, if you let us know the diameter of the object to go into the pole pocket we can calculate the size of the pocket for you.

  • Image description

    Rope & Toggle

    A common finish for flags. We sew in a rope with a toggle so it can be easily used on flag poles.